Spanish Learning Programme for One Adult



Spanish learning tailor-made for you

This Spanish language course is an intensive course designed for people who want to enjoy learning Spanish in the city of Seville. It includes the design of the course, as we create it according to the student’s needs, the material, the classroom and the extra-curricular activities.

These extra-curricular activities are 100% adapted to the student’s level, so we try to adapt the material to the student’s needs.

It is much more rewarding to feel like you are travelling and integrating into the culture than to feel like a complete foreigner at every turn. Now you can travel and learn more about Seville and its surroundings. Learn a little bit of everything in the weeks you are here!

Spanish learning programme designed to help students feel confident when practising Spanish.

You don’t need to have any level, we have had many students who have started learning Spanish with Isbilia. Remember that we are a small family of teachers and our mission is to be a family link to Seville and Spain.

And after my trip?

Afterwards you can continue with us through Zoom. Learning Spanish online can be very effective and fun, so don’t be afraid to give it a try.

Please contact us before you book.

We will arrange a trial lesson to determine your exact level, which days to book for your intensive course, the route map and much more information.

The Seville holiday programme includes: three hours a day / five days a week. The number of weeks is negotiable.

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