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We are not a big company, we are a family school with three Spanish teachers. The connection to Spain that will make you feel confident in the language.
Director and Spanish teacher at Isbilia Spanish Online.

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Our Seville holidays programme for travelers who want to learn Spanish

Learn Spanish from home by taking our online Spanish lessons

Just a few words for you

Spanish teacher in Isbilia Spanish Online.
Hi everyone! I am Celia, the director and teacher of Isbilia Spanish Academy

I would love to tell you how this family project came about:

Don Quixote said that “since you are not experienced in things of the world, all things that are a bit difficult will seem impossible to you. Trust time; it usually provides a sweet way out of many bitter challenges.”  

So, as an avid fan of Cervantes, one day I packed my backpack and went to travel to distant places to experience the things that seemed impossible to me. 

This gave me a new sense of purpose and soon I started working as a Spanish teacher far from Spain, an experience so enriching that it is hard to describe.

Now, settled in Seville, the teachers that are part of this beautiful project want to offer you the best of our experience and the best of our culture. We are travelling teachers with a great love for languages, for art and for teaching. 

What is our method?

We believe in unique Spanish lessons, in closeness to our students, in small groups (that is why we do not offer large groups in classes), in a personalised approach, and in being a great family.

What our students say about our Spanish lessons?

What our students say on Google?

Antonio Madeira
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Celia es una profesora fantastica! Sus clases siempre estan bien preparadas y son muy interesantes! Las sesiones son super utiles y bien divertidas.
Lucy Clark
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I would 100% recommend Isbilia to anyone wanting to improve their Spanish! I have had such a great experience working with them and they have helped me gain confidence and boosted my Spanish level tremendously! I started with them when I just arrived and spoke very little Spanish and they have supported and guided me through my journey to where I am now working and studying at a B2 level! Overall they are such a great school who provide a brilliant and supportive learning environment!
Mami Yamawaki
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La clase de Celia es muy estupenda, ella piensa mucho en un plan para mi español. Aprendo gramática y conversación con Celia, siempre explica hasta que yo comprendo. Muchas gracias!!
Michael Luscombe
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Isbilia es una escuela estupenda. Los profesores me han animado e inspirado mucho con su positividad en el español. Se ve que tienen muchos conocimientos diversos por cómo enfocan las clases. ¡Muchas gracias!
Rosalia Le Calze
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We are two and we both love studying with Celia! She immediately understood our level and what could be the best approach for us to learn this new language! We are still continuing our course with her and we recommend this 100%. We started with lectures in person and moved online and it was as good as usual!

What do our students say on our website?

"They are very skilful teachers who adapt to the needs of their students. They have years of teaching experience and I found their classes very informative, interesting and fun. interesting and fun. I have learnt a lot in the time I have studied at Isbilia. Needless to say I am delighted with my decision to study with Isbilia Spanish and I couldn't recommend them more highly. The online school is run in a very professional manner. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and no doubt was left unanswered".
Spanish student in Isbilia Spanish Online.
New York
“Raquel es una profesora muy simpática que siempre muestra mucho interés por sus alumnos. Además, es muy creativa, sus clases son muy dinámicas y artísticas, puedes aprender mucho en poco tiempo y avanzar bastante de nivel. Gracias a Raquel, he aprobado mi DELE C1 y conseguido mis objetivos a corto plazo. La recomiendo sin lugar a dudas, es una profesora con mucha experiencia y muy cercana. Me he sentido muy cómodo estudiando en Isbilia, buenos profesores, materiales y herramientas"
Hola, soy Thomas y soy de Suiza. Conocí a Celia y aprecié su trabajo el año pasado en Sevilla cuando pasé diez días en esa maravillosa ciudad para mejorar mi español, que en ese momento era de principiante. En poco tiempo no sólo pasé a un nivel más alto de español, sino que también aprendí mucho sobre la cultura, la historia y la vida actual en Sevilla de una forma muy interesante. Incluso después de mi estancia en Andalucía, Celia continuó siendo mi profesora de español, hasta a día de hoy, que naturalmente hacemos nuestras clases a través de Skype.
Spanish student in Seville learning in Isbilia Spanish Online.

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More reasons for you

We are professional Spanish teachers with years of experience, so we know how to get you to where you want to go with your Spanish. Also, Isbilia Academy adapts to your circumstances: time, level, culture, age and needs.

I have been studying Spanish grammar for a long time
and still find it difficult to speak

If what you need is to improve your speaking, you can trust our methodology: we focus on enhancing speaking skills to build your confidence in every lesson. Tell us about your learning experience and we will get you on the right track!

Have I left it too late to start taking Spanish lessons?

Age is not a barrier. The technology we use in our lessons is super friendly and you will always receive all the support that you need. If, on the other hand, you want to come on a culture trip and practise Spanish for a few weeks, we have had many students with this requirement in past years. We always create a customised Spanish programme for adultsI

I find it hard to motivate myself to study Spanish classes

This can happen for many reasons. Perhaps lessons in the past have not been suited to your level, or you have not found a teacher who understands your personal motivations and goals. Or maybe you do not have a lot of time to study and need a lot of flexibility. We understand that each student or each group needs a specific methodology. Tell us what you need and we can cater a course to you.

I want native teachers but I´m not sure
about online Spanish lessons

We are experts in both in-person and online classes, and we will show you that studying Spanish via Skype or Zoom is also fun and a very useful way to improve the language. You don't need to come to Seville to improve with us!

Why learn Spanish in Seville?

Seville is a multicultural city with great opportunities, not only to meet people, but to better understand the history of Spain and Andalusia. It is a beautiful city rich in history, we can take you to see our world-famous landmarks as well as to enjoy our colourful patios, gardens and terraces.

*Our group courses are made up of a maximum of 5 students per class. We make sure that every student receives the best attention.

What not to do if you want to learn Spanish

Spanish tutor in Isbilia Spanish Online.

What do we do at Isbilia?

Our teaching philosophy

Nowadays, we live in a specialised world and don’t always see that all branches of knowledge are actually inter-connected.

Our Spanish teachers as well as specialising in teaching Spanish as a second language, also have backgrounds in Spanish history, linguistics and journalism. We are deeply interested in the world that we live in; from science to current affairs, music, art, literature, sports and, of course, other languages! 

Language is a door to other cultures!

From the quirky colloquial expressions we use in everyday life to our Nobel Prize-winners, Spanish culture shines through in our language. Being a good teacher not only entails being a good communicator, it entails constant research and development to find and create resources that bring this diversity and richness to you. This is why we go out of our way to engage you in the learning process through culture in a fun and interactive way.

Why do we use certain expressions?

What are the characters and themes that appear in our films, books, and music? How does our history reflect who we are? What does the Spain of the future look like?  We keep abreast of developments so that you can enjoy the very latest in Spanish language, society and culture.


We also like to write for you

Con base en, errores comunes del español avanzado.

¿Con base en o en base a? Errores comunes del español

Nuestros estudiantes de español avanzado también comenten erroes. Os dejamos una lista con errores comunes de los niveles C de español. Aunque podamos tener un nivel avanzado de español, hay preposiciones y pronombres que se utilizan de forma errónea. Un ejemplo es

Cervantes y sevilla, la ruta que no te puedes perder con Isbilia Spanish Online.

No te pierdas esta ruta del Cervantes por la ciudad de Sevilla

Descubre rutas interesantes de Sevilla como esta del Cervantes. Si te gusta la literatura española, esta ruta sevillana no te decepcionará. Se dice que Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra residió junto a su familia en Sevilla en algún momento de su juventud. No

Expresiones español con Isbilia Spanish Online.

Aprende expresiones españolas para comunicarte mejor

Si quieres hablar con nativos, aprende algunas expresiones españolas con nosotros. El español coloquial es aquel que hablamos en las situaciones no formales. El lenguaje coloquial no lo podemos aprender de un día para otro, sin embargo, podemos ir, poco a poco,

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