Study at Your Own Pace with a Spanish tutor. Individual Bookings Without Obligation



One-to-one lessons with a Spanish tutor are a great option if you can’t commit to studying on a more regular basis.

Many students do not have the opportunity to commit to a certain number of hours per month. There are many reasons for this: work, family, health, etc. That is why we always have options for all types of students.

We also specialise in online Spanish lessons.

We pay special attention to these private Spanish lessons because they are based on complete personalisation. The Spanish teacher will adapt to the needs of each student and design a plan according to your goals. You will be your own boss, you tell us what you need and what specific online classes you want with us. We will guide you and create a course just for you.

What is our methodology?

Our online Spanish course is modern and flexible.  Spanish classes are delivered through Zoom. We provide everything our students need, we use a very user-friendly technology. We also design interactive materials to make the classes fun and enjoyable.

The lessons with the Spanish tutor will be tailored to your needs, remember!

What is our Spanish Academy like?

We are the family connection you need to Spain and Andalusia. We are a family school with a family spirit. We are your online teacher and also the family that awaits you when you come to study with us. Being close to our students is at the heart of our philosophy.

What kind of teachers are we?

We are teachers of other disciplines. It is very easy for us to adapt to many different student profiles.

It doesn’t matter what your situation is, as long as you are motivated to learn Spanish.

The most important thing is that you can do it, whether occasionally or more regularly. There are many students who don’t study because they can’t find the time. We make it easier than ever!

Please contact us before booking to arrange a meeting.

We will find out exactly what level you are at and what your needs are.

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