Online Spanish lessons. 8 hours /month

224,00 / month


We also specialise in online Spanish lessons.

We dedicate special attention to these private Spanish lessons as they are based on complete personalisation. We adapt to the needs of each student and design a plan according to your goals. You will be your own boss, you tell us what you need and what specific online classes you want with us. We will guide you and create a course just for you.

What is our methodology?

Our online Spanish learning is modern and flexible. Isbilia’s Spanish online lessons are taken through Zoom. We provide everything our students need, we use a very user friendly-technology. In addition, we design interactive materials to make classes fun and enjoyable.

You will enjoy your private area where you will find everything you need for your learning.

Our students also have the opportunity to join our monthly online club to practice their Spanish. There, we talk about different topics adapted to their level.

Online Spanish learning for whatever you need.

What do we offer?

7 Expressions You Need to Survive in Andalusia

Immerse yourself in andalusian culture with our online spanish classes. Learn essential expressions for an authentic experience.

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