Spanish Conditional Tenses. Learn With Our A2 Level Activities



Here are some flashcards with different descriptions and exercises to help you practise the Spanish conditional tenses.

Spanish learners already know that they need to learn the Spanish tenses very well.

Practicing them will give you incredible results. Our activities are not monotonous, so you can learn without reading in a boring way.

We believe that interactive activities should be fun and beautiful, no more exercises without flavour!

Learn directly from the Spanish without English translations.

Usually beginners try to translate everything immediately. We recommend that the materials are always in Spanish.

We remind you that we are teachers who are qualified to design Spanish materials. We love to explore new ideas and share them with you!

It is a material to be used in class, with a fellow student or under the guidance of a teacher.

If you are a Spanish teacher, a Spanish student studying with a teacher or just want to practise with your partner, this material is perfect for you.

Activity to review the Spanish conditional tenses. PDF and interactive activities.

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