Practise The Verb Estar in Spanish!



Here are some flashcards with different descriptions and exercises for practising the verb estar.

Spanish learners already know that they need to learn the difference between the verb ser and the verb estar very well.

Practicing it will give you incredible results. Our activities are not monotonous, so you can learn without boring reading.

Don’t learn Spanish by constantly translating from English!

We always give this advice to our students. That’s why our materials follow this methodology. Faster and better.

Many of our students come from buying materials.

Some of them don’t have the time to study for a regular weekly lesson. They study the book at home at their own pace and then take private lessons with us without obligation to clear up any doubts.

If you are a 100% beginner, it is better to study this material under the guidance of a teacher or by hiring a private tutor from time to time.

Why? As a beginner you will have many questions to clarify.

At Isbilia School we believe that interactive activities should be fun and enjoyable, not boring exercises!

We would like to remind you that we are qualified teachers who design Spanish materials. We love to explore new ideas and share them with you!

Actividades para repasar el verbo estar. Interactive activities in PDF.

Activity to practise the verb estar. PDF and interactive activities.


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