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Sarah would like to tell us about her experience in Isbilia’s Spanish immersion programmes for adults

Hi! I was student in Isbilia and I want to tell you my experience!
Don’t be afraid of taking Spanish course for adults!

Hello, I’m Sarah from Germany and I would like to tell you about my experience. I am sixty years old and I was in Isbilia taking an intensive Spanish course for adults. I want to write today on the blog because I thought I was not going to find an immersion programme for adults and I was very surprised with Isbilia Academy.

We were three people from abroad, all adults and we studied three hours a day for two weeks. The programme was great, focused on speaking, on a wide range of topics. We were able to contribute and suggest what we wanted, and we studied with videos, songs and many different materials. We had a main manual that we paid for with the registration fee, but we combined it with many other things.

Every day we went out for an hour to walk around the city and have a coffee with the teacher. I recommend that if you are an adult and a beginner, don’t be afraid to sign up, they can adapt to you one hundred percent and you will learn a lot.

On the other hand, Seville is a very beautiful city, this is the third time I’ve been here and I always discover new things. Communicating with Andalusians is not so easy because they speak very fast and in Andalusian, it’s not a dialect but it’s a very local Spanish. Anyway, I wasn’t worried because people are usually very friendly and helpful. Besides, you enjoy the charm of a historic and lively city.

I hope to help you!


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  1. Yaeli Avatar

    Hola soy Yaeli. For my experience of learning Spanish it is great. I learn all the basics with interesting content. An amazing teacher who I can talk with her about anything and always get new suggestions. Learning Spanish is also about learning new cultures and habits from another country and I love to learn because knowledge is power.

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