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Don’t Be a Typical Tourist on Your Spanish Holidays. Immerse Yourself in Spanish!

Spanish holidays in Seville

Seville is a city with beauty everywhere you look. A perfect place for your Spanish holidays.  I don’t say this because it’s the city where I live, I say it because the centre of Seville, the old town, is the biggest in Europe. There are hidden gems waiting to be discovered on every street you walk down. If you’re wondering if it’s worth taking a holiday in Seville, the answer is absolutely yes.

Seville is a city through which many different cultures have passed; Romans, Visigoths, Muslims, Jews, Christians, and we can see traces they have left in many of the city’s historic buildings. The Giralda is a perfect example of this.

We all know that Seville attracts a lot of tourists, but the old town retains the  essence that makes the city unique. 

Why? The local people who live in the centre go about their daily lives as usual. We have many traditional markets, shops and bars where locals gather to chat about life.

  • ¡Hola! ¿Qué pasa? ¿Qué tal? 
  • ¡Bien! Todo muy bien, no nos podemos quejar. 
  • ¿Nos tomamos un cafelito? (-ito is a lovely way to name things) 
  • ¡Claro! ¿Qué te pido? 
  • Un café con leche, ¡gracias!

As we see in the conversation at the top of this paragraph, everyone greets each other when they see each other walking down the street or shopping. Neighbours even sit down for a coffee if they have time to catch up a bit. Our culture is based on closeness, so people can be very friendly. 

We like to explain all this to our students when they come to visit the city. Our Seville holidays programme gives them a better understanding of how our daily life works. Seeing a city as a tourist and nothing else can make you get lost in many questions here. We don’t just like to teach grammar, we like to teach culture.

How can I better understand the culture if I am a beginner? 

Don’t worry. We love to design, so you will have materials adapted to your level. First, we will study some grammar in our office. Then, the second part of the class will be outside, studying Spanish while visiting special places. You won’t be the typical tourist who doesn’t know the city. From the very first moment, you will be able to communicate with the people.

Age is not a barrier

We’ve had students from all walks of life: younger, older, married couples, young couples, solo travellers… The most important thing is that you, dear reader, don’t want a typical trip without knowing the city you are visiting well. You want something more, you want a special trip, something you will remember with charm.

Why can Spanish classes in Seville help you if you come on holiday? 

We can hear stereotypes everywhere and inside we think we know everything we need to know to travel to that place. I would like to ask you something: what do you know about Spain and Seville? Surely you have heard many things about Spaniards, especially about Andalusians: we are always partying, we are very Catholic, we like bullfighting… Is it true? No, it isn’t. 

If you come and do our holiday programme in Seville you will understand what is real and what is not. You will understand much more about our culture and what you need to start having conversations with people. You will be able to ask important questions if you lose your personal documentation or get lost walking around the city. Even if you can’t eat some ingredients because you are allergic or simply vegetarian. 

Our Spanish classes always give our students the push they need to get into Spanish faster and better.

Seville is simply Seville

I’m not writing this to convince you to come because you’ve probably already chosen Seville. The question is: what new things can I tell you about this magical city? Seville is a city with many contrasts. Here we live very different people, for example, conservatives and moderns. 

Conservative people who like old traditions and want to keep them even if they no longer make sense. Modern people who want to move forward and forget old traditions. Conservative people who like old traditions and at the same time want to move forward. Modern people who like some old traditions and want to be transgressive. As you can see, describing the people here is not straight foward, but something deeper and more complex.

Taking an intensive Spanish course here will give you the tools you need to see all the nuances. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know any Spanish or your level doesn’t allow you to have a basic conversation. Our job is to help our students feel confident in the language.

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