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Thanks to Our Methodology, You Will Learn to Speak Basic Spanish in Just a Few Months

What if I told you that with us you could speak basic Spanish in just a few months? Would you believe it? Well, let me tell you something about how I developed this communicative methodology for my students.

I remember when I first started learning Russian. It was so hard at first. I wanted to speak the basics very quickly because I needed it to survive. I had moved to Russia to teach Spanish, and everything there is written in a different alphabet, so if I wanted to have a normal life I had to learn to read.

The problem was that the teachers I had at the time followed an old methodology: lots of theory and little speaking. I was very grateful to have met such wonderful people there, including my teachers. But the reality was that, following this outdated methodology, I never got to the level I needed.

At that time, I was teaching Spanish at Rostov University and realised that my students needed to have basic conversations in Spanish during my classes. I thought it would be a good idea to add a lot of dynamism to the lessons and give them the confidence to break through that big wall we have when we don’t know anything about a language.

What kind of dynamics did I use to create this environment?

I started by observing the different personalities I had in my class. Then I  observed them through many activities and techniques and I soon got to know my students. Each week, I created different flashcards, games, activities, etc, all related to the topics they liked best.

The results were incredible. Even the students who didn’t want to learn Spanish at first were so motivated during the Spanish lessons. They started to take part, to get involved and to speak.

It was a lovely experience to see how the whole class grew. And that is exactly what is happening to me now with my students in Isbilia. As a Spanish teacher and a native Spanish speaker, I see myself as a researcher. I always analyse my students’ situation in order to create the best Spanish learning experience.

A flower needs water in order to grow.

The water I’m talking about comes from many sources: studying with a teacher, reading in Spanish, watching films or listening to music in the language. I say this because I’ve had a lot of students in the past who thought they could achieve a high level of Spanish by doing nothing.

My advice is to re-read from time to time what we study in Spanish class and follow the recommendations of the teachers. You’ll see that the more effort you put into your learning, the happier you’ll be with your progress.

It’s true that my adult students sometimes don’t have time to study outside the classroom. The good news is that what I just recommended in the last paragraph can be combined with this situation. If I tell them to read what we study in class, they only need ten minutes a week. That’s it.

We always study some grammar and then apply it to conversation. We talk a lot about what the students need.

With the right guide, basic Spanish is easy. I have also had many Spanish students in the past who have told me that they thought they could learn Spanish with Duolingo or just some websites.

This will only make the student feel frustrated because there will be a lot of things which are presented without context or explanation. If you don’t have the right explanations, you might get confused while studying Spanish.

Our online lessons will benefit you if you really want to start speaking Spanish. You can plan your time, your lessons, and even your goals.

Never give up!

If you have ever been told that you are not good at languages, it is simply not true. You just haven’t found your perfect learning style yet!

I haven’t worked with anyone who hasn’t been able to improve their Spanish when they’ve been able to follow their learning plan.

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