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Practise Spanish basic conversation!

Worksheets for practising Spanish basic conversation designed by Isbilia. Simple exercises to tell us who you are.

Hello everyone! We have made two worksheets with activities to practise personal information in Spanish: What are you like, where are you from, and so on. With these worksheets, we can have a basic conversation in Spanish so that we can travel and communicate to ask questions and ask for information in the street.

In Isbilia we are continuously designing Spanish exercises for beginners. In fact, you can find the book we have created for our students here in our shop. Practising at home is very important, as long as we have the guidance of a teacher.

Many of our Spanish students come to Seville to study with us and practice in the Andalusian capital.

We love being able to help our beginner students feel confident to speak with native speakers. It is one of our main goals. If you want to learn Spanish, no matter your age or your situation, we adapt to your circumstances. We are specialists in private classes, so we design the course that each person needs. Our flexibility is our strength.

The woorksheet we share with you here contains the basic personal information in Spanish. Now, we can have a minimum knowledge of how to introduce ourselves in Spanish.

You have them here in image format or you can also click on the following link, which is interactive. We hope you like it!

Link aquí.


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