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Why it is important to teach gender equality even in Spanish lessons

Certainly, the countries that are the most gender equal are also the countries that score highest on the happiness scale. That is why we can not separate this concern from other ones, any issue associated with society must be considered as a whole. Why? Because if we draw a pyramid and we put happiness on the top, we are going to see that to be able to reach that goal we need to keep taking care of each human right.

If we want to achieve an equal society we should focus on education. This is the first thing that we need to give to the new generations, to kids. They need to learn about intellectual women, so far we have only studied men‘s history, men’s philosophy, men’s science… In the end, men’s brains. The result is that when those kids come back home they see their parents very differently because they only studied that the father is the one who makes the intellectual tasks and the mother is the one who gives affection.

In addition, we should stop giving to women the worst jobs of our society. Those jobs, for example cleaning, taking care of children or the elderly, are badly paid. Many women can not live with that payment, cannot afford to pay their house or to buy healthy food for themselves and their kids. We are not only talking about gender equality but we are also talking about human rights:

Women compose half of the population in the world so if we don’t fight for women’s rights then we are forgetting to consider them when it comes to taking political decisions. This situation repeats again and again because of economic interests.

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